Nativity of the Virgin Mary
Midwest Diocese of the OCA
Madison, IL 62060-1456
attendance at divine services

It is no longer necessary to sign up. There are no restrictions on the number of attendees at this point.

Regularly Scheduled Services
Regularly Scheduled Services

Schedule of Services during the School Year; from the Sunday after Labor Day in September to the Sunday After Memorial Day

  • Saturday     -     Vespers  5:00 P.M.
  • Sunday       -     Choir Rehearsal  8:30 A.M.

                              -     3rd & 6th Hours  9:30 A.M.

                              -     Divine Liturgy     10:00 A.M.

Sunday After Memorial Day until the Sunday After Labor Day

  • Saturday    -       Vespers  5:00 P.M.
  • Sunday      -       3rd & 6th Hours  9:00 A.M.

            -        Divine Lituryg   9:30 A.M.

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